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Other Areas of Mediation

Real estate, Construction, & Employment

Every Realtor® and Builder should use mediation.

Mediation offers a way to quickly, peacefully, quietly and inexpensively resolve homeowner disputes with former owners, builders and Realtors®. Our mediators can help builders keep construction on track by helping you resolve disputes that arise with subs or buyers in the middle of construction. Most people just want to be heard and mediation gives you a safe place to let them talk. Our process is confidential, so what you say can’t be used against you. Neither party is obligated to agree to anything, but often misunderstandings can be resolved without delay and without resort to lawyers and court.

Consider putting a mediation clause in your real estate or construction contract. It can be a real money saver when conflict arises. You’ve got nothing to lose by participating in mediation. It’s almost like having insurance against litigation.

Blanton Massey, J.D., is the only area mediator who has received approved National Association of Realtors® training at its National Convention. He holds an Instructor License with the Virginia Real Estate Board and has been a licensed Title Insurance Agent and owner of a title insurance agency with extensive experience in real estate closings and in real estate and construction litigation. Over the last 25 years he has mediated way more than 1,000 cases. Ted Limbrick is available to join Blanton as co-mediator. Ted holds a class A General Contractor’s license and has been building custom homes in this area for over 25 years and has experience in mediation as well.

Why you should use our mediators with your employee disputes:

We use only experienced, professionally-trained mediators (J.D.’s).

Using one of our mediators is like having your own ombudsman.

It empowers the employee without giving him/her control.

You find out exactly what’s going on with a difficult or disgruntled employee.

It’s confidential.

Sometimes the employee isn’t thinking, or is thinking narrowly.

Sometimes the employee is acting selfishly or is thinking selfishly.

A neutral mediator will be more acceptable to an employee than a supervisor or other company employee to help work through a conflict.

The mediator helps the employee think and to think outside his or her comfort zone.

The mediator empowers the employee to say what he or she feels the need to say. 

As a result, the employee now feels heard.

The employee then becomes willing to listen to and understand your viewpoint.

You become able to help him or her understand your viewpoint. (You may be the business owner, supervisor or a co-worker.) 

In mediation both sides can win; everyone saves face; and there doesn’t have to be a loser. 


During mediation sessions, the employee and supervisor explore the conflict openly out of the presence of others, as equals. The employee saves his or her job or gets compensated the employer keeps a good but unhappy employee or avoids disruption at work and the time and expense of litigation.


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