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We are State of Virginia approved providers of Parent Education Seminars as referred to in Virginia Code Section 16.1-278.15 (Juvenile & Domestic Relations  Court) & Section 20-103  (Circuit Court).

Our classes are small so that the participants interact with each other and the instructor. From our first classes the stories participants shared and questions they asked revealed that what they wanted and needed was not covered under the 4 topics required under the foregoing statutes.

Our class participants wanted to learn how to work with a jerk! So we added:

  • How to set boundaries
  • How to improve communication
  • How to hold the other parent accountable
  • How to avoid the shouting, anger and misunderstandings
  • What are the statutory “best interests of the children” factors judge’s must consider when making custody decisions
  • What other factors help (influence) a judge in making custody decisions
  • How to work with a lawyer
  • If representing yourself, how to prepare

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The foregoing provides educational information and does not provide legal advice. It was not prepared for you either generally or in connection with any specific issue or case. The parent educator (class teacher) does not give legal advice. You are responsible for obtaining legal advice from your own lawyer.