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The latest news from Virginia Mediation

What to Expect From Your Lawyer

Some attorneys consulted by clients before and during mediation tend to give the clients only generic “legal information” about “legal rights.” They tell their clients what the statutory and case law says and how a judge generally tends to rule on typical issues. Even...

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Thoughts About Significant Others

The significance of the young child’s attachment and narcissism: Reasons for not involving significant others with your children while they are still adjusting to your marital separation and divorce generally fall into two main categories. They have primarily to do...

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Preparing for Service

Listening as a way of becoming means discovering who you are (self-revelation) by hearing others. It requires losing yourself to find yourself says Jesus.  One way to lose yourself is in service to others. Service above self say the Boy Scouts and Rotary. ...

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The History of Family Law Software, Inc.

The two founders of Family Law Software, Inc., Daniel Caine and Wendell Smith, were also partners in the company that developed the critically-acclaimed and best-selling income tax software program "TaxCut."TaxCut was a 4-time winner of PC Magazine's Editor's Choice...

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