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By choosing divorce mediation you remain in control, and you have the freedom to make your own settlement choices.
With the right mediator, mediation replaces litigation as the most peaceful, effective and efficient means of ending a marriage. You can even decide when to end it! A highly trained and experienced neutral mediator facilitates communication between you and your spouse. The mediator doesn’t decide the issues for you or impose a solution on you. Instead, the mediator helps you understand the issues and options in order to reach a mutually agreeable divorce settlement. Thus you don’t have to spend time and money on, or be stressed over, the slow process of having your lawyers fight each other in court. The mediator helps you understand and recognize your underlying needs, overlapping interests and areas of agreement. You get 3 key protections in mediation that you don’t get in litigation:
1. “Self-determination.” Attending mediation is voluntary. You attend at your own pace and you quit when you want to.
2. “Informed consent.” Before you begin mediation: We make sure you understand your options as to (a) your “dispute resolution” process, especially the differences between litigation, “collaborative divorce” and mediation; and (b) how to best use a lawyer, if you intend to seek legal advice. During negotiations and before you sign any settlement agreement: As you discuss your options for settlement, we want you to understand the legal and practical meaning of the terms you’re agreeing to, how they will affect you now and in the future (consequences).
3. “Confidentiality.” Nothing you’ve said to the mediator privately (out of the presence of your spouse) will be shared with your spouse without your permission. Nothing you’ve said in mediation—to the mediator or to your spouse–can be used against you in court.
Our professional mediators have extensive expertise and experience to guide you and your spouse through the financial complexities and emotional difficulties involved in your marital separation. Matters to resolve can include division of assets & liabilities (equitable distribution), custody & visitation, child & spousal support. Your divorce mediator has knowledge, skills and experience in divorce law and procedure, psychology, financial planning, taxation, real estate and mortgages, facilitation, negotiation, coaching, refereeing, parenting, teaching, critical thinking and creativity, etc. A mistake by your mediator could result in lost rights or needless litigation. By using Blanton Massey as your mediator, with his many years of training and experience in divorce litigation and financial planning, you are best assured that your mediator will have the knowledge, creativity and control over the process to help you stay in control of your decisions and reach a settlement acceptable to you.

Why would you pay a lawyer to negotiate and/or litigate your case for you when you can settle it yourself? Why let a judge who doesn’t know you impose a decision upon you that you didn’t see coming and you can’t change? You can reach your goals and settle your case more quickly, peacefully, privately and inexpensively in mediation. Our mediators can put the terms of your settlement into a legally binding written contract. You’ve got nothing to lose by giving mediation a try.
You can trust us to provide you with only highly trained and experienced mediators. Call (540) 373-1848 now to schedule mediation or to learn how to introduce the idea of mediation to your spouse.